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Crisis Hotline & Intake Screening 1-800-772-5987

Our Mission and Values


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to provide help and hope to all who strive to overcome challenges associated with mental illness, alcohol and chemical dependency, intellectual and developmental disabilities within our community.



  • Individual worth - We affirm that the individuals we serve share with us common human needs, rights, desires, and strengths. We celebrate our individual and cultural diversity.
  • Empowerment of all to learn and to experience personal choices and responsibilities.
  • Quality is the continuous act of creating, building, and maintaining relationships and trust that we are providing the appropriate services for the consumer and the community. 
  • We strive to anticipate, acknowledge, and respond to the needs of our customers by building an environment which provides continual innovation and the people we serve.
  • We believe our personal, professional, and organizational integrity is evidenced by our dedication to the individuals and community we are entrusted and privileged to serve.